Magar Project Story

~ Josh Pickles

Roben works for our showroom landlord, Zehr Group, as a senior project manager. We had recently done work for one of the Zehrs and got this lead by word of mouth.

Roben came to me with a very custom project for his cottage up in Bruce, right on Lake Huron. He wanted to take his 5′ patio door and turn it into a massive patio door so he could really take in the stunning sites of the lakefront. Originally we were looking at a 20′ door, but that quickly exceeded his budget so we switched to a 12′ patio door. A big portion of the job was the cutout itself, as the walls were all 10″ ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) and removing?12′ x 8′ of concrete is no easy task. Roben ended up choosing to go with a QFort 12′ Lift & Slide patio door, where each panel is 6′ wide and weighs 400+ lbs!?

So in mid December the project started. Due to the distance from our office, I chose to stay up at the cottage for 4 days to cut down on travel costs. On the first day, Jordan and I built a temporary load-bearing wall and insulated it from the rest of the cottage. On the second day I removed the existing door and all the siding and drywall around the door. Lion’s Concrete Cutting & Coring showed up and removed the concrete wall in one day! On the 3rd day I worked on cleaning and prepping the opening for the framework to be done.

This is where we ran into our first issue. QFort called me on Wednesday and told me the door was being held at the border for a random inspection. This was an issue because they were supposed to arrive on Thursday to install. So on Thursday Jordan came up and helped me frame in the opening and board it up and insulate it. With the door not released, we had no choice but to return home for the weekend.

On Monday we returned to meet QFort, and within a couple of hours, the brand new door was installed! It took me until the end of the day to finish the exterior, but by the end of the day the project was completed!

Now Roben and his family have an amazing view of the lakefront from inside their cottage with a beautiful patio door that will keep them warm even on the coldest winter days!

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Magar Project Story

Roben works for our showroom landlord, Zehr Group, as a senior project manager. We had recently done work for one of the Zehrs and got this lead by word of mouth.

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