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Our Plan for the future with the WINDOW ON TOMORROW

For Pickles Home Exteriors the decision to carry Sierra Pacific Windows was a decision to Offer A Higher Standard for our customers.?

A Tradesperson Knows Best!

It?s no secret that one of the best ways to find a company that will do a good job is to get a recommendation from a friend, family member, neighbour or colleague. But when an exceptional tradesperson chooses Pickles Home Exteriors to install windows and door in their own home, that?s something else.

Magar Project Story

Roben works for our showroom landlord, Zehr Group, as a senior project manager. We had recently done work for one of the Zehrs and got this lead by word of mouth.

Landlords Love Pickles!

Landlords and commercial business owners are always concerned that their rental properties occupied by their tenants are in proper working condition.? It makes sense in our area that window replacements in apartment buildings can be a big deal.

An Affordable Update, A great referral!

Looking to maximize value with style, a homeowner in Waterloo asked a neighbour where they bought their replacement windows. The neighbour had no hesitation in recommending our company, Pickles Home Exteriors.